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 Hello Maryse! may I ask you something!?

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Hello Maryse! may I ask you something!? Empty
PostSubject: Hello Maryse! may I ask you something!?   Hello Maryse! may I ask you something!? Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2008 8:03 pm

I would really like to get a chance to be managed by you when I attempt my carrer at the WWE when I become Mr.Olympia next year I will prove to you that YOU will be highly impressed with the type of thoughts I have for the smackdown superstars. I mean literally destroying my oppenents
and maybe I could show you what its like to be treated with ginuwine respect and maybe take you out on a date and who knows we could be really great as a team on the roster as well in real life. I am about 5'8" and I am an ameuter bodybuilder so I weigh in-season about 265-275 and offseason about 290, I started when I was very young and as a child I've watched such wrestlers as Sting, Mr.Perfect, and Ric Flair to name a few. And Growing up with insane cousins we have done alot of back-yard wrestling and me having not only the biggest "guns"(arms), but I also have a big ego which my main goal is to eliminate The Undertakers streak at wrestle-mania! and I've said it before and for you I'll say it again there can only be one brute strength on Smackdown and when I get there I will be the only one because not only will I challenge every male on the smackdown roster to a arm wrestling match but I will embarrass them and if they're not so lucky they will need cast's for those pathetic limbs they call arms! and as for Batista he may weigh more than I but he can never be as shredded or as focused as I am! especially when your watching me Maryse you are my inspiration too wrestle and be the very best I can be in and outside of that ring!

let me know what your ideas are Maryse and again I'll be rooting for you everytime you get in that ring and hopefully very soon I'll be cheering you on from ringside!

Your Friend Cody!
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Hello Maryse! may I ask you something!?
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