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PostSubject: 2007-10-12   2007-10-12 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2007 2:32 pm

SPAIN 2007

My trip in Spain was unbelievable. We visit Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. I was very impressed by the architecture. There is so much history and so much to learn from the past. I think people are amazing and very opened. I had so much fun introduced the show in Spanish, even though I don't speak this language. I learned all I need 10 minutes before the show......People had such a great reaction and loved it!!! After that night, I decided to learn Spanish........

I love fashion and of course, I love shopping so I had a blast in Barcelona. We didn't have a lot of time, but I did what we call power-shopping. Yes, believe me, I 'm a pro, timming is really important, shopping is an art, hahaha!!!

I found a very nice brown dress and a little white jacket in silk, very stylish.

....About music, wow. What can I say, i love techno, house ( underground )music like tiesto and IIO per example. That kind of music is everywhere is spain, restaurant, boutique, café. I can't never get enough of that music, well I can say music in general because I like a lot of different style. Music makes me feel very good and relax.

I went to a club downtown Barcelona and the DJ was insane, the ambiance wasn't far from the famous Circus in Montreal. We dance like crazy for hours and drinks Vodka shots , Yes Grey Goose's my favorite, with red bull of course.........I went to bed at 7 am on the morning, and had to wake up at 8h30 am, but you know what, I didn't care at all, I had such a great time !!!! Life is a gift and must be live at is maximum at is 100%, always....

French Kiss!

Maryse -xxx-
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